Attorney Carol Walsburger Dow is passionate about building and expanding families through adoption. Carol’s passion comes from her firsthand experience with adoption. Her own family has been blessed first hand by infant, domestic, international and foster care adoption. Prior to becoming a licensed attorney in North Carolina, Carol worked as an adoption social worker. She had the opportunity to present at several adoption conferences both domestically and internationally. She followed her dream to become an attorney so that she could help families navigate the complex legal process of adoption.

If you are considering adoption, Carol would love to meet with you. Whether you are ready to adopt, or just looking for information about the various types of adoption, Carol will walk you step by step through the adoption process and answer all of your questions. She understands that adoption can be expensive. She works efficiently and effectively to keep your cost as minimal as possible.

Carol is experienced to assist you with all types of adoption issues in North Carolina, including:

  1. Infant adoption
  2. Domestic adoption
  3. Relative adoption
  4. Step-parent adoption
  5. Interstate adoption
  6. Foster care adoption
  7. International “re-adoption”
  8. Adult Adoption

Carol also represents birth mothers who are looking for legal representation.

Please contact Carol if you are looking to begin the journey of expanding your family through adoption. She assists clients across North Carolina.

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